What we need to know about Dermal Fillers? - Dr Lipy Gupta
Dr. Lipy Guta is an experienced dermatology, she is expert in a dermal filler. Dermal Filler is being used to for the correct the wrinkles, age symptoms
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What we need to know about Dermal Fillers?

What we need to know about Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Filler which is gaining popularity, hence people still have lot many questions, which is unanswered. Here is the complete info about this. Though aesthetic medicines have increased by leaps and bounds and so has the acceptance of dermal fillers in today’s society. Increased number of working women with discretionary income have made fillers popular. But there still exists doubt in our mind regarding the safety of the procedure, whether it’s right to get foreign substance injected the pain during the procedure, the after effects whether the whether the aging will be a factor after the effect means off. Some also fear side effects and risk of bruising, swelling or any permanent damage after the procedure. So this article is well be addressing these queries.


The procedure is safe when performed by a trained aesthetician/dermatologist. The safety of procedure depends on whether the doctor is trained, quality of product use. It’s better to pay slightly more but use a good, well-tested product rather than cheaper ones. Many substandard products are available and are not wise to go far them in order to save few bucks.

Foreign substance:

Hyaluronic acid is plant desired and mimics the natural hyaluronic acid of our body. So it is close to our naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. After injection, the product integrates into the body tissues within 15-30 days. It is later dissolved in the body by its hyaluronidase. In case of any complication, it can be dissolved with hyaluronidase which can dissolve injected hyaluronic acid.

Pain: The procedure is performed under topical anesthetic cream which numb the skin. Moreover, the product which is injected contains Lidocaine which numbs the surrounding area. Most of the patients tolerate the procedure well. So pain should not be a deciding factor when you are planning for treatment.

Side effects:

Post-procedure swelling, minimal bruising is common and resolves with minimal medication after 7-10 days. Occasional complications are reported like granuloma formal infection or persisting pain. The side effects are much lower when the procedure is performed by a well-trained doctor and the correct product is used.

Increased aging:

Dermal fillers will increase and fasten the aging process. They replenish the lost hyaluronic acid one’s age. However, after injection, you get so much used to the results that ones the effect of filler means off. You may miss the glow and brightness you get after filler.

Fillers are an excellent option for restoring youth and for making the lines and fold less prominent. The procedure is safe when performed by trained professionals with good experience.

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