Dr Lipy Gupta | Laser Hair Removal in Green Park, Hair Reduction
Laser Hair Removal in Green Park by Dr. Lipy Gupta, providing absolutely safe & pain-free treatment at an affordable cost. Schedule a meeting with our specialist for smooth skin.
Laser Hair Removal in Green Park
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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most advanced laser technique for removing unwanted hair on face and other body sites.

New Technology has made it possible to give result for dark and fine hair and both in patient light or dark complexion. It can be done for the both men and women.


Question: What are the prerequisites?

Answer: Hormonal assessment to rule out any hormonal imbalances which could offer the outcome.

Question: How many sessions are required?

Answer: Minimum six session for an area, max be more, which varies from patient to patients.

Question: What are the side effects?

Answer: Slight tingling sensation on treated area, redness may develop on treated area. Mostly these settle within 6-hours.

Question: How does the procedure works?

Answer: Laser energy is absorbed in the melanin in hair follicles. Gets converted to heat. Thermal damage leads to destruction of hair bulbs/follicles. The hair growth occurs in cycles. When a laser session is performing laser can target only actively growing follicles hence the requirement for multiple session.