Dr Lipy Gupta | Laser Scar Removal in Green Park
Dr Lipy Gupta is the best dermatologist in Green Park when it comes to scar removal treatment. Book your appointment with Dr Lipy Gupta for laser scar removal in Green Park.
Laser Scar Removal in Green Park
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Laser Scar Removal

A scar is an undesirable mark of a healthy body process that takes place whenever skin is injured, as following any injury, surgery, or inflammation as in ACNE. They can be bothersome when they are on exposed areas and are a cosmetic concern.

The latest Fractional (Fraxel) and CO2 Laser, available with Dr. Lipy Gupta, MD, Dermatology, has the following attributes:

  • Comfortable, non-surgical procedure
  • Cosmetic benefit even with a Single session (better results with 3-5 sessions)
  • Low downtime of only 2-3 days (with Fraxel) or 5-7 days (with CO2 Laser) involving possible mild redness and scabbing, and Sun protection is to be ensured for 2 weeks following the procedure.

Laser Scar Removal in Green Park

Dr Lipy Gupta is a specialist in Scar Removal. Many patients notice the change in their skin right after the first session. This treatment requires 3-5 sessions and each session lasts for at least 30 minutes. You can book your appointment with Dr Lipy Gupta for Scar Removal in Green Park.

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