Best dermatologist in Delhi for acne | Dr Lipy Gupta-Dermatologist
Dr Lipy Gupta is the best dermatologist in Delhi for acne treatment. She offers comprehensive acne treatment which gives the best result.
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Acne is a common problem affecting teens ages and young adults. Nowadays middle-aged population also has acne problems and it presents in multiple ways. Severe cases may present as nodular cystic acne, which presents as deep-seated nodules, which are painful and heal with scars.

Treatment of acne is important due to cosmetic reasons and because it leaves permanent scars and pigmentation spots, which sometimes cannot be treated permanently.

The etiology of acne involves hormonal changes improper hygiene, underlying sebaceous dermatitis, oil and cosmetic usage, improper lifestyle, and dietary habits that contribute to a large member of causes underlying hormonal imbalance presenting as polycystic ovarian syndrome contributes to a large number of adult-onset acne. The management in these cases differs and the need for hormonal medications are there. This type of acne is antibiotic-resistant.

There have been innovations in acne management:

Medical Management:

A wide range of face cleanses which can be individual to skin type are available. Topical antibiotics in combination with topical benzyl peroxide and retinoid derivatives of the backbone of acne treatments.

Oral Medications:

Oral antibiotics, oral isotretinoin which is often combined with oral contraceptives, spironolactone, and insulin sensitizers are widely prescribed.

Chemical Peel:

Combinations of Salicylic acid and Glycolic acid are helpful for controlling active acne and pigmentation. The retinol-based peel works well for controlling pigmentation after active acne has healed.


IPL lasers help in acne rosacea and QSNDyag has been found effective in controlling acne-induced pigmentation fractional resurfacing lasers (Ex. Yag, Er. Glass, and Co2) are effective for reducing acne scarring.

Collagen Induction Rx:

Micro-needling has been found to be effective in controlling acne scars. It is safe and has minimal downtime.

In combination with the new armamentarium of medication and procedures, we can address the problem of acne in a much better manner. Consulting the right dermatologist is a must to have an effective solution to the problem.

Acne can last for many years. Dr. Lipy is a specialist in acne treatment and has helped many with excellent results. We try to manage acne medically and suggest procedures like chemical peel, lasers, and micro-needling as per the severity and comfort of the patient.

Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi

Most acne leave scar on the face and which looks very and decreases your confidence level. Dr. Lipy Gupta is an experienced dermatologist in Delhi, she has a wide range of treatments to get rid of acne scars.