Semi-Permanent Makeup - Dr Lipy Gupta
Semi-permanent makeup is the cosmetic procedure, which employs the permanent design of tattoos, which will look like a design. Dr. Lipy Gupta is top dermatologist in the Delhi and she performs the semi-permanent makeup procedures.
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Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-permanent makeup is an aesthetic specialty, this helps in getting the completely new look by improving and enhancing your features naturally.  This technique is medically proven and the pigments used are organic and extremely safe. This advanced technology helps to insert the pigment in a dermal layer in a very natural way with feather touch strokes making the appearance look natural.

Semi-permanent make is counted as permanent because the pigment is tattooed into the upper reticular part of the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. Sometimes it may fade away and requires periodic maintenance.

This procedure normally takes approx. two hours. First, the doctor will listen to your query and asses you for your desired look. She will explain to you the whole process and design of your look as well. Your expectation of the treatment and actual result will also be discussed so that you will have a complete clarity on the treatment.

What areas can be treated with this?

  • Permanent Eyeliner
  • Permanent eye-brow/eye-brow enhancement
  • Permanent natural pink lips
  • Permanent mole creation/beauty spot

Types of procedures in Permanent makeup:

Permanent Eyeliner Makeup:

Women apply eyeliner to beautify their eye. Permanent eyeliner is a boon to them. It reduces the hassle of reapplying eyeliner frequently giving you a fresh look even early morning. It can be applied to both upper and lower lid. For a soft look.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup:

Eyebrows enhancement is performed to create a appearance of hair and often used to define shape and fill in space brows. This technology can also be used in appearance of full eyebrows who have lost hair due to chemotherapy or other medical reason.

We expertise in providing natural look and provide a look you desire.

Permanent Lip Makeup:

If you are bored of applying lip color again and again or you are dissatisfied with your lip color. If your lip are not uniform color permanent makeup is the answer to your problems. You can choose a natural shade or a shade that suites your favorite lip color it gives you option to play with brighter lip colors. When you go for a bright color you can fast enhance it with lips with lip gloss

Cost of Permanent makeup:

The Philosophy is perfection in everything we do. We use inks and equipment by Golden Eye, which is a German Micro-pigmentation brand with over 20 years’ experience. The Products use are of highest quality and hygiene standard.

Cost of Permanent Makeup:

INR: 30,000/per area* 15000/per area

Post Procedure Care:

Treatments area may become sensitive for few days after procedure. Post procedure cream is to be applied for few days after procedure. A revisit is scheduled after 2 weeks for any touch.