Freckles Treatment in Delhi | Dr Lipy Gupta-Dermatologist
Dr Lipy Gupta Clinic provide several safe and effective methods to help lighten or reduce the look of freckles. You can contact Dr Lipy Gupta for freckles treatment in Green Park.
Freckles treatment in Delhi, Freckles Treatment Cost in Delhi
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Freckles Treatment in Green Park

Freckles are small tan or light brown spots which develop on the sun-exposed skin. After exposure to UV light. At our clinic, we provide safe and effective methods to lighten or reduce freckles. Different procedures available at our clinic are


  • Chemical Peel: yellow Peel, me line peel, and cosmelan
  • Laser Treatment: Q-switched Ndyag
  • Photo-facial


Every skin and every patient needs are different. We aim to individualize the treatment as per your desire in the safest and convenient way.