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Most advanced laser tattoo removal in Green Park, Delhi provided by Dr. Lipy Gupta. Schedule a consultation with our specialist for more information and best skin treatment.
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Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are in fashion, and are a permanent pigment deposition in deeper layer of the skin. However, these may lead to regrets occasionally, or a desire to replace the existing one, or are a hinderance to a new job or relationship, and occasionally may cause skin allergy.
Thanks to the latest Q-switched Nd:YAG LASER, available with Dr. Lipy Gupta, MD, Dermatology, considered to be the most effective therapy for Tattoo pigment reduction/ dispersion/removal and has the following attributes:
– Comfortable, non-surgical procedure done after local anaesthetic cream application
– Cosmetic benefit with 6-8 sessions with 3-4 weeks interval
The Nd:YAG LASER works by selectively destroying the pigment which gets fragmented and is metabolized by lymphocytes and ejected by the body.

Tattoo Removal in Green Park

When tattoos are removed through Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, then the light passing through the skin is engrossed by the ink that causes the tattoo ink to break down. Though there are little downtime of laser tattoo removal but with Dr. Lipy Gupta consultancy you can easily recover from this treatment in a very short time. Contact Dr Lipy Gupta for Laser Tattoo Removal in Green Park

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