Thread Lift - Dr Lipy Gupta
Dr Lipy Gupta is a famous skin specialist in Green Park, Delhi.Her skill in using Thread Lift to give a natural looking enhancement to the skin is noteworthy. Contact her for an appt.
Thread Lift in Green Park
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Thread Lift

Thread lift is non-surgical procedure for lifting and repositioning sagging cheeks, correcting marionette and reasonable folds. The thread which is inserted helps to induce new collagen and pulling and lifting effect.

Non Surgical Thread Lift in Green Park

Thread-lift is alternative to facelift surgery. Being virtually minimally invasive. Menoploar bipolar and cog thread made of PDO material and inserted in the dermis and upper skin layers. Depending on the type of thread used they have a tightening and lifting effect on the face. They help to reduce foils, sagging skin and give a better contour to the face.

Area Treated:

  1. Brow Lift
  2. Mid Face and lower face lift
  3. Arm Lift
  4. Sagging Cheeks
  5. Neckline
  6. Tummy area

Thread is absorbed over a period of months giving a result which last for up to 2 years


  1. Minimally invasive
  2. Minimal Downtime
  3. No Adverse effects
  4. Virtually painless

We at Green Park Specialized I n thread lift. We use the best quality products available.