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Hair loss make your confidence low, get back your hair by best hair growth, Mesotherapy & PRP Hair Loss Therapy, Hair Transplant services at Green park, New Delhi by Dr Lipy Gupta
Hair Loss Treatment in Green Park, Hair loss treatment in Delhi, Hair loss treatment in South Delhi,
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Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is very prominent, because for many reasons. Normally we lose 50-10 strands of hair daily but in normal circumstances, these are replenished by new stands. The situation becomes alarming when you lose hair and don’t regain new hair follicles. It’s then you start noticing hair thinning or in other words, the scalp starts to show.

Our hair grows in three phases’ Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. At one particular time, different hair follicles are in different phases of growth. It’s the duration of the anagen phase which determines the length of hair. Women usually start noticing hair thinning in the’20-30 years of age. There are various factors that can trigger hair fall.

  1. Diet: Sudden loss of weight and crash dieting can trigger hair loss.
  2. Malnutrition: Very common causes in young girls/ teenagers do suffer from malnutrition like anemia, vitamin deficiency, and deficiency of other nutrients contribute to hair loss.
  3. Endocrinological Disorders: Thyroid disorders both hypo and hypothyroidism trigger hair fall. PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which causes an imbalance of estrogens and testosterone trigger hair fall.
  4. Aging and menopause: Hormonal changes in menopause and aging also cause hair thinning.
  5. Stress and illness.
  6. Genetic: Our inheritance also greatly determines our hair quality.

Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

Hair loss treatment is not certain, as we have explained the hair fall reason above, therefore we have different treatment for every individual.  First, we examine the problem and after the proper assessment, we prescribe the treatment for the hair loss. That is why we recommend everyone to consult a hair and skin expert for the proper assessment and then go for the treatment, otherwise one may get the side effects as well. Dr. Lipy Gupta is the best hair expert in Delhi. She has been graduated from the premier medical institute Maulana Azad, New Delhi. She has vast experience in hair loss treatment.  For any hair problem, one may consult Dr. Lipy Gupta.

Dr Lipy Gupta, Dermatologist

Dr Lipy Gupta
Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Laser Specialist
Former Assistant Professor at Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, PGIMER New Delhi

Dr Lipy Gupta is an expert dermatologist who specialises in creating artistic and natural looking results through non-invasive cosmetic treatments. She spends time in understanding the patient’s goal and motivation and suggests what is best for them. She has helped over 500 patients with excellent success. She specialises in various details:

  • Lip Enhancement
  • Skin Whitening
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Skin Quality Management
  • Anti Ageing
  • Face Contouring
  • Fine Lines Treatment

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    Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment for hair re-growth that encompasses multiple superficial injections just beneath epidermis into target tissues. Solution that is inoculated encompasses catholic array of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and coenzymes that can be customized as per patient prerequisites. Treatment is virtually painless and benign. No dressing or post-procedure care is required and patient can recommence work instantaneously after the process. Mesotherapy is more effective when combined with oral and topical medicines. It leads to stimulation of natural hair regrowth and instantaneous stopping of hair loss.

    Anti ageing treatment in green park
    genetic testing of hair loss

    Genetic testing

    We can pinpoint the risk of male and female patterned hair loss with simple test that identify the components of DNA related to hair loss and offers precise assessment of the risk to develop alopecia. A sample of saliva is taken from the mouth makes the test simple and painless. Genetic investigation takes 2-3 weeks for the result to declare. You have to take the test once in your life. Your hereditary codes remain same throughout the life, so you get the same outcome whenever you take the test.

    Hair transplantation

    Hair transplantation is a surgical process which works by extraction hair from back of the scalp and embedding them in the bald region of the head. It is a very commonly done process with good success pad patient gratification. There are two methods i.e. Strip and FUE method. The treatment plan is custom-made as per the donor region and patient requirement day care procedure in which the patient is ready to go home straightaway after operation. Our clinic is dedicated to offer the best patient care in field of hair transplant.

    Hair Transplant in Green Park
    PRP hair Loss Treatment

    Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

    PRP therapy is a new invention for treating hair fall. It is a non-surgical therapeutic treatment for both males and females which use body’s own PRP to stimulate new hair re-growth. PRP is an autologous medical process used for hair loss or hair thinning. Human blood encompasses mesenchymal stem cells, and autologous blood products which contain vital growth factors that help in tissue regeneration and healing. Role of platelets in healing and hair regeneration is well premeditated. PRP is proactive and a favorable option for treating thinning hair and hair loss.

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