Lipotherapy - Dr Lipy Gupta
Lipo is the new US FDA revolutionary treatment for the weight loss and inch loss. Dr. Lipy Gupta is a renowned dermatologist, she is expert in weight loss treatment.
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Lipotherapy is often known as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It consists of an acid (deoxycholate) that is found in bile that our body uses to digest fat, which is mixed with anesthetic. It is an effective way to reduce small and stubborn fat deposits like midriff bulge, double chins and saddlebags.

Fat Reduction: Lipotherapy in Green Park

Dr. Lipy Gupta has safely performed Body Contouring procedures in the past years and evolves herself continuously to provide the most comfortable and effective treatments for her patients. On your visit, Dr. Lipy Gupta will personally evaluate you to determine the safest, most effective approach to achieve the look you desire. The doctor may recommend a healthy diet and exercise regimen for long lasting results. Patient will notice enhancement in their skin tone after the first treatment. You may need to have an average of 4 sessions, each lasting for 15 minutes. The downtime of this treatment is 1-2 days which is further minimized with Dr Lipy’s expertise. Contact Dr Lipy for safe treatment for fat reduction through lipotherapy.

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