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Dr Lipy Gupta is a famous skin specialist in Green Park & knows how to deal with every skin problems.Dr Lipy removes skin tags through electrolysis, cryosurgery etc. Feel Free to call
Skin Tag removal in Green park
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Skin Tags

Skin tags

Skin tags are common and harmless small, soft skin growths that are typically attached to the underlying skin by a thin stalk. Skin tags are most common in middle-aged and obese adults. An individual may develop from one to over 100 skin tags. Dr Lipy can provide a wide range of treatments for removing skin tags that may include procedures like freezing, tying off with a thread or suture or cutting off the skin tag.

Skin Tag Removal in Green Park

Dr Lipy Gupta is a famous skin specialist and knows how to deal with every skin problems. Skin tags normally occur at various locations on our body which include base of the neck, underarms, eyelids, groin folds, buttock folds or under the breasts. Depending on the type of skin tag and the location of its existence, Dr Lipy may perform a surgery or treatment to get rid of the skin tag. Skin tag may be removed through electrolysis, cryosurgery, litigation or excision. Dr Lipy Gupta’s experience with different technology and treatments allows her to perform any procedure with the minimum amount of discomfort. Contact Dr Lipy Gupta for Skin Tag Removal treatment in Green Park.

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