Mole Removal Cost in Delhi
Mole is causing the hindrance to your beauty? get this removed by Dr. Lipy Gupta. Feel free to contact us for the more information, call us now
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Mole Removal


Moles are very common on the body and there is one in every 100 babies who is born with a mole. They appear as blemishes of various sizes and colours that are normally seen on the body or face. Although most moles are harmless but it’s important to get it examined by a doctor if it changes its colour, shape or starts to irritate.
If a mole bothers a patient or is cancerous, it can be removed safely through a variety of procedures including surgical excision or laser therapy.

Mole Removal Cost in Delhi

Many people try to save their money and shave their moles off. But it’s unsafe, as some moles may contain skin cancer and when cancer cells is not removed from the skin, it can spread, can to cause an infection and may result in scarring. Dr Lipy Gupta has a keen eye and can easily distinguish the different types of moles. On your visit, Dr Lipy would investigate the mole and suggest a suitable course of action. Some moles can be easily removed with the latest laser treatments while stubborn or cancerous moles can be removed with the help of excision. Depending on the type of mole, the treatment can be completed in a single or multiple visits. To ensure there is no scarring after the treatment, Dr Lipy personally conducts all procedures. Contact Dr Lipy Gupta for Mole Removal in Green Park.

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