Skin Booster Procedure in Delhi | Dr Lipy Gupta - Dermatologist
Skin booster is the new technique that provides nourishment and deep hydration to your skin naturally.
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Skin Booster


Skin booster: Rehydrate deeply your skin with hyaluronic acid

Keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant can be a continual battle. Skin booster is the latest range of hyaluronic acid skin booster. It is an innovative HA product designed to improve skin hydration, skin elasticity and nourish the skin from within.  Skin boosters are a versatile treatment option and are suitable for anyone looking to hydrate, plump, and smooth their skin.



What is the Skin Booster Procedure?

Juvederm Volite injection involves a series of micro-injections of long-lasting HA throughout the skin. After anesthetic cream is applied on the area to be injected detailed injections of the product are given at the correct depth to ensure correct placement of product through the skin. Juvederm Volite is made HA molecules that are mildly cross-linked through the patented across technology. It absorbs water and hydrates the skin conferring elasticity, glow, and fumes to the skin. There are different types of skin boosters available. Our doctor – Dr. Lipy Gupta will be able to prescribe the treatment combination to suit your skin’s needs.



Who’s a suitable candidate for Skin Booster Procedure?

Skin boosters are suitable for almost anyone. It helps in improving the skin’s texture, providing hydration, and pore reduction. Anyone experiencing skin dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, and mild laxity of the skin on the face, neck, and back of hands can benefit from the procedure.

As against other dermal fillers which are for facial correction and augmentation, skin booster works for hydration and texture correction making it an ideal product for young girls and make it a popular bridal treatment as it helps to achieve a no-makeup look.



Which areas can be treated?

1.       Full face for hydration and glow

2.       Lip and perioral lines for hydration

3.       Neck and necklines for rejuvenation and softening

4.       Back of hands for rejuvenation

5.       Décolletage



How is the procedure like?

After topical anesthesia is achieved with the numbing area, mini RC microdroplets of injected all over the treatment area. The needle used for the injection is ultrafine and causes minimal pain. After the procedure antibiotic cream is applied



Difference between Profhilo and Juvederm Volite?

Profhilo is uncrosslinked whereas Volite is cross-linked like a dermal filler. Profhilo is the texture of runny honey. It’s injected at predetermined facial points in the face from where it spreads through the dermis.


How many syringes should one take?

Ideally, 4 ml (4 syringes) are needed for the full face. 2 ml for each cheek, 1 ml for forehead and 1 ml for chin and jawline, a single session is required.

Profhilo comes in a 2 ml syringe and 2 sessions are recommended 1 month apart.




Best results come after 15 days and last over a year. Maintain good hydration, use sunscreen regularly, and collagen supplements for appropriate results. This procedure is completely painless and hugely popular.