Best Pediatric Dermatologist in Delhi | Dr Lipy Gupta
Paediatric Dermatologist Delhi ; Dr Lipy Gupta is experienced dermatologist and have proper degree to treat skin problems in kids. Book Appointments Now.
best pediatric dermatologist in Delhi
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Pediatrics Dermatology

What is the need of paediatric dermatology?


We understand your concern. A paediatric dermatologist is a certified expert who treats a wide variety of diseases, the most common of which include bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, hemangiomas, and atopic dermatitis. As the top Pediatric Dermatology related Specialists in Delhi, we are committed to providing people with the best skin health maintenance through non-invasive treatment. Any skin damage caused by sun/pollution, weather change, air allergies, and a variety of therapies can be efficiently treated with the help of a dermatologist in Delhi.


Paediatric dermatology is related with the dermatological or skin disorders that children suffer. A paediatric dermatologist diagnoses and treats skin, hair, and scalp disorders in children and newborns. He or she provides treatment and recommends medical or surgical treatments for skin diseases such as warts and other skin problems.


Children with skin problems can seek advice from leading experts and benefit from their knowledge and competence. Dr. Lipy Gupta is one of the leading skin specialists in Delhi, providing paediatric dermatology consultation.


What are the benefits?


Children with common dermatological conditions can benefit from the expertise of professional doctors. Although adults may experience certain problems, they differ significantly when coping with a skin problem in childhood. Dermatologists in Delhi provide treatments with cutting-edge technology.


How safe is the treatment?


The treatment is appropriate for a child’s or adolescent’s skin. The dose is determined by the child’s weight. As a result, it is important that skin problems in children be treated by highly skilled dermatologists with knowledge in this field.


Dermatology and Care for Paediatric Skin Conditions


Paediatric dermatology focuses on the treatment of children from birth through adolescence, as this is when skin problems are most common. Common infections such as ringworm, chickenpox, acne, eczema, and birthmarks can occur around this age.


What are the most common Paediatric skin disorders?


Eczema is more common in babies and young children. Vascular (red) birthmarks, moles or warts, skin rashes, ringworm, hives, poison ivy, and cradle cap are the most prevalent paediatric skin problems. Acne can also develop in adolescence and create scarring, damaging children’s self-esteem. Dr. Lipy Gupta is a top dermatologist in Delhi who provides high-quality skin care.


What Paediatric Dermatology treatments do we provide at our Clinic?


We have great medical facilities and treat numerous paediatric skin illnesses such as eczema, acne, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, congenital skin allergies, and the removal of birthmarks, warts, and vascular (red) moles. Young children are prone to being upset since they are unable to effectively answer medical queries or speak, requiring special care. Our medical team has extensive expertise dealing with children and will go to any length to make them feel better. To treat all types of skin problems, we provide a variety of surgical and non-invasive procedures. Skin specialists in Delhi, Dr. Lipy Gupta ensure that all skin diseases are treated aesthetically.


Skin Infections, Diagnosis and Treatments


Skin is the largest organ in the body and has several functions, including functioning as an epithelial barrier and regulating body temperature. Skin diseases are common in children and account for the majority of paediatric consultations in India. This is especially true because a child’s skin is more sensitive than that of an adult, making them more susceptible to infection.


However, discovering a lump, rash, red mark, or acne on a child’s body is significantly more common than not finding one. Most of them are not significant; however, a few of them may be cause for concern and should be treated as soon as possible, in which case seeing a paediatric dermatologist might save time.


Skin disorders in India typically occur as infections and infestations that are secondary to infections in the body, but the good news is that dermatologists can quickly detect and cure skin diseases. However, raising parental knowledge can aid in the early detection and management of these disorders. The best strategy to cure skin diseases is to treat them as soon as possible so that they do not spread to other parts of the patient’s body.

Pediatric Dermatologist in Delhi

Dr. Lipy Gupta is the leading dermatologist in Delhi and is well-known for treating skin problems in newborns and children. She is experienced in treating a wide range of skin-related diseases for newborns and adults, specialized in aesthetic medicine, laser surgery, and cosmetic skin treatments. She provides the patient desirous result, with utmost care and comfort. She uses cutting-edge skin-treatment methods that are both cost-effective and painless.