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Get hair restoration non surgical treatment through PRP Hair Loss Therapy in Green Park at Dr Lipy Gupta Clinic. Plan a consultation for hair loss treatment in Green Park
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PRP Hair Loss Therapy

Hair loss is a common problem faced by young men and women. It leads to low self esteem, problem in work & relationship and leads to stress. With the new tools and advances in hair treatments there are new hair loss treatments available. These medications and procedures are safe, readily available and pocket friendly.

It’s important to assess the causes which trigger hair fall

  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Hair Procedures


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in Delhi

PRP utilizes the potential of regeneration in our own body cells for hair growth. Certain cells in our body are actively dividing. These cells releases growth factors when stimulate. PRP use the potential of platelets to help hair growth and improve hair thickness.

Blood is drawn from patient, it is processed and then the platelet rich fraction is injected into the scalp. A tropical numbing cream is applied on scalp 30-40 min before the procedure to make it comfortable for the patient. No side effects, since no external medicine is used. Session is performed once monthly for 3-4 sessions. Later, maintenance sessions may be performed.


New Generation PRP

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is the portion of Plasma that has concentrated platelets. PRP contain growth factors, chemokine factors, cytokine and adhesive proteins with mitogenic and chemo-tactic properties. The effectiveness of PRP is not very conclusive and results are not consistent. GFC contains consistent levels of natural growth factors and provide consistent results. In many studies when compared with PRP the results of PRP are superior. The procedure is performed once monthly for 3-4 sessions and results can be seen by second session.