Melasma - Dr Lipy Gupta
Dr Lipy Gupta, a renowned skin specialist and Dermatologist at Max Hospital, Delhi is giving a promising result for the Melasma Treatment in Green Park. Book an appointment soon.
Melasma Treatment in Green Park, Melasma Treatment in Delhi, Melasma Treatment in South Delhi,
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Melasma or “Cholasma” is a common skin problems affecting both men and women presents as brown patchy discoloration on cheeks, nose forehead and chin. It may increase after excess sun exposure, hormonal changes a medication.

We provide a comprehensive and complete treatments plan for melasma which includes.

  • Non-hydroquinone based tropical medication.
  • Chemical peels: yellow peel, me-line, and  cosmelan
  • Q-switched Ndyag laser gives a good result without downtime
  • Under her care, many patients have achieved a good outcome and are happy after treatments.

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