Hyperhidrosis - Dr Lipy Gupta
Get rid of excess sweating today! Get the Best Hyperhidrosis Treatment & Excess Sweating Treatment in Delhi. Dr. Lipy Gupta, an expert in Hyperhidrosis Treatment. Book an appointment today.
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Hyperhidrosis means excess sweating. It is normal to have increase sweating onto rise in temperature, anxiety and in other stressful conditions. But when it is abnormal and hampers daily activities it becomes a social nuisance. Common problems faced are inability to handshake because of sweat dripping from hands, difficulty in writing in exams due to excess sweat. We have patients who come to seek treatment for the same due to these common concerns.


We evaluate for medical reasons that could be heading to increase sweating line, thyroid disorders, diabetes, infection, and certain medications. We aim to provide the comprehensive management to treat this problem.


Topical anti- persistent, formalin solution injection of botulinum toxin is advised depending on the severity, location of hyperhidrosis and patients’ budget. Out of all the treatment options iontophoresis of botulinum toxin is most effective. After a starch iodine test is performed to locate the hyperactive areas, Botox is injected for the best results can be observed within 15 days and lasts 6-9 month.


Visible sweat, wet clothes and clammy handshake can be embarrassing and can interfere with work and personal relationship. Some people find hand sweating produces problem in writing on paper especially in stressful situations.

The result of treatment is very effective and it shows within 3-7 days and last for 6-9 months.

Dr. Lipy Gupta, a dermatologist in Delhi is an expert in Hyperhidrosis Treatment. She has done special training to treat Hyperhidrosis.