Best Skin Care Routine For Winter Season - Dr Lipy Gupta
Winter is here and one should know how to take care your skin in winter. Here is the few tips by Dr Lipy Gupta best skin doctor.
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Best Skin Care Routine For Winter Season

Best Skin Care Routine For Winter Season

Winter is around the corner, and it’s time to shake out those boots and jackets. However the cooler weather is a welcome relief after the heat & humidity, but the lack of moisture can make your skin excessively dry, dull and itchy.

Some of yours skin reacts in a completely different way; it breaks out and is prone to acne or some other skin problems. Read on to know more about winter skin care tips shared by Dr Lipy Gupta for the winter season.

Go for the normal CTM routine: The transition from summer to winter calls for some adjustments in your skincare routine. As a first step, you need to continue with your the normal CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) routine. If your skin feels tight and itchy, it might make sense to switch to creamier/more hydrating CTM products. It might make sense to switch to a soap-free formula that won’t disrupt your skin’s protective lipid barrier.

Avoid washing your face excessively: Twice a day is enough and don’t use face cleansers containing like Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid that strip skin of natural oils making it more sensitive.

Do not exfoliate: You should not exfoliate more than once a week, and then too with gentle exfoliants. Oatmeal is a gentle nourishing exfoliants that also helps nourish skin, so look for products with that is the main ingredient. Avoid using astringent toners that contain high levels of alcohol and use natural skin toners that contain about 5% alcohol, as these will prevent the skin from getting irritated and sensitive.

Nourish your skin regularly: Rosewater and Cucumber juice are good natural replacements for regular toners. Nourish, Nourish, and then Nourish some more…that should be your mantra for winters. Use a nourishing lotion or emulsion-based sunscreen that glides easily on skin and has a moisturizing effect.

Don’t forget to remove your makeup: Makeup tends to crack when the skin is very dry. If you use makeup regularly, switch your regular make up remover which may be alcohol-based to a micellar water-based formula. If your skin is very dry, you could also use baby oil or Coconut oil to remove makeup, especially around the lips and cheeks to avoid irritation to these sensitive areas.

Don’t forget to care your Lip: Lip care is also an important part of your skin care routine in winter Use a hydrating lip balm containing with inbuilt SPF to avoid chapped and pigmented lips.

Moisturize your feet: The other body part that’s often neglected during winter is your feet. Often the heels become cracked in the winter. You must remember to moisturize your feet at night just before going to bed after soaking them in water for five minutes and gently rubbing them.

Keep yourself hydrated in winter season: Last but not the least, don’t forget to drink lots of water. Take your antioxidants regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle to get healthy glowing skin throughout out the year.



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