Post Procedure Care After Dermal Fillers
After the dermal filler, there are few important instruction one need to follow for the better result. Read what Dr. Lipy Gupta recommending.
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Dermal Filler Post Treatment Instructions

Dermal Filler Post Treatment Instructions

Dermal Fillers are a common walk-in procedure at any dermatology clinic. The results of the procedure largely depend on aesthetic expertise and knowledge. However often we do not give enough importance to post-procedure care. A good procedure will not only give better long-lasting results, but it will also give better long-lasting results. It will also make post-procedure time more comfortable and uneventful. It’s important to avoid using makeup as the make-up brushes can be a source of infection. Keep the infection site clean.

Use distilled or RO water to clean fall. Avoid tap water as it may contain impurities. After filler injections, there can be slight pain and discomfort which can be reduced with antipyretics. Post-procedure bruising, if any, can be reduced with Arnica cream or tablets. Oral Vit C can also be consumed for faster healing. However one should avoid green tea, aspirin, or any other blood thinners which can increase swelling and bruising. One should also avoid giving pressure on the injected area as fillers are mouldable and unaccustomed pressure may after the results. Keeping a soft pillow on either side will help as it will avoid giving pressure on the injected area.

A local antibiotic cream should be applied for a few days post-procedure. Avoid retinol-based creams which may cause skin infection.

Facial massage, sauna other cosmetic procedures should be avoided for the next 15 days as this is the time taken by filler to integrate into tissue. Keep yourself well hydrated as the filler molecules absorb water to plump up the area. Regular sunscreens should also be applied.

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