Dermatologists' top tips for relieving dry skin - Dr Lipy Gupta
Here is the tips from Dr Lipy Gupta, Dermatologist in Delhi telling about how to take care of dry skin in winter.
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Dermatologists’ top tips for relieving dry skin

Dermatologists’ top tips for relieving dry skin

Do you know simple changes can soothe dry skin? And without any change in your skin care routine, dry air can make fine lines & wrinkles more noticeable. Dry skin can make your skin itchy, flaky, cracked, and even bleed.

Dry skin is a common concern that can affect anyone. To help heal dry skin Dr Lipy Gupta, dermatologists recommend the following:

  1. Prevent baths & showers from making dry skin worse. When your skin is dry, be sure to:
  • Close the bathroom door
  • Limit your time in the shower to 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Use warm rather than hot water.
  • Wash with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and oil.
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after drying your skin.
  1. Moisturise your skin: Use an ointment or cream rather than a lotion. Ointments and creams containing olive oil/ Jojoba oil are more effective and less irritating as compared to lotions. Shea butter also works well. Some of the other ingredients that help to soothe dry skin include lactic acid, urea, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, glycerin, mineral oil, and petrolatum.
  2. Washing your hands: Carry a non-greasy hand cream with you, and apply it after each hand washing. This will greatly help relieve dry skin.
  3. Wear a nourishing lip balm: Choose a lip balm that feels good on your lips. If your lips sting after you apply the lip balm, switch to one that does not cause this reaction.
  4. Use only mild skin care products: Few skin care products are too harsh for dry, sensitive skin. When your skin becomes too dry, stop using the skin care products that contain fragrance, alcohol, retinoids, or alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). Avoiding such products will help your skin to keep its natural oils.
  5. Don’t forget to wear gloves: Our hands are often the first place we notice dry skin. You can reduce it by wearing gloves. Make sure to put up gloves in your hand before you go outdoors in winter.
  6. Choose non-irritating clothes: When your skin is dry then even clothes & laundry detergent can be irritating. To avoid this problem wear cotton or silk under your clothing made of wool that feels rough.

When to see a dermatologist?

Your skin starts to feel better quickly if you will follow these tips shared by Dr Lipy Gupta and if these changes do not bring relief, you may want to see a dermatologist. Very dry skin can require proper consultation. Dry skin also can be an indication of a skin condition that needs treatment. A dermatologist can look at your skin and explain what can help reduce your discomfort.

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