How can chemical peeling treatment helps in giving you a new look? - Dr Lipy Gupta
Chemical is very unique procedure, where upper layer of the dead skin cells being removed by skin friendly chemical. Dr. Lipy Gupta is expert doctor in Delhi
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How can chemical peeling treatment helps in giving you a new look?

How can chemical peeling treatment helps in giving you a new look?


Chemical PeelsEverything You Need to Know

Chemical peel means the removal of pigmentation, dead cells, blemishes, and other skin disorders from the affected layer of the skin with the help of chemicals to revive a clean and smooth texture. Chemicals are essentially organic acids applied by dermatologists during chemical peeling treatment and the acids will enter into deep in the skin and have the ability to treat all skin problems.

Your face represents who you are and thus, deserves proper care and attention. It is important to note that the majority of skin diseases like dark circles, acne and pimple scars, sunburns, age spots, and pigmentation appear on the facial area. Therefore, it is very critical to restoring the natural beauty of your face by reaching out to a dermatologist at chemical peeling consultant.

Based on your skin type and skin damaged condition, the dermatologists undergo a suitable chemical peeling treatment. The procedure involves a conditioning program that is done prior to a chemical peeling process. Some of the treatment methods used by the doctors’ for chemical peels are: Light or Superficial Peel, Medium Peel, Deep Peel.

As the natural healing process it repairs the damage, the skin’s appearance is also improved. The nature of the chemicals applied to the skin determines the depth at which the damage occurs. What type of chemical peel is required depends on the nature of the skin problem which is to be treated. Skin problems that act in response best to chemical peels are due to sun damage from ultraviolet light. Since most skin peels damage the skin, there is a period of recovery necessary. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks, which include scarring, infection, and undesirable color changes. Presently, dermatologists often use chemical peels in combination with other vicious techniques like laser to diminish the signs of sun damage or acne scarring.

Absolute care and recommended preventative practices are equally important to nurture your redefined look. Some useful precautionary ways involve:

  • Avoid workouts for a while to prevent sweating.
  • Do not apply make-up just after the treatment.
  • Prevent exposure for a long time to sunlight.




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