How to choose the right sunscreen? Dr Lipy Gupta - Dermatologist
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How to choose the right sunscreen?

How to choose the right sunscreen?

Summer has arrived and the sun is throwing more heat and for many reasons, we have to go out. Looking at the weather condition applying sunscreen is a must.  Also, summer makes your skin tanned and pigmented.  So we recommend new thing to be added to your kit is a sunscreen formulation that suits your skin type. However, choosing the right kind of sunscreen is really a difficult task because this not a formality but that should protect your skin from the sun. When you gave through the available sunscreen options is quite confusing. Here are certain essential factors you should keep in your mind while choosing a sunscreen.

1.       SPF Sun protection factor of 30 or above depending on the sun exposure and whether you are on retinol products or other skin-lightening creams.

2.       Lotion or gel: Choose a lotion if you have dry skin and a gel when you have oily skin.

3.       Spray or Lotion: If you plan to go swimming or on a beach choose a spray. It’s spreadable and much easy to apply compared to a cream or lotion.

4.       Chemical or physical sunscreen: Sunscreens are broad of two kinds: physical or chemical. Chemical sunscreen contains avobenzone, oxybenzone, and cinematic. Physical sunscreen is zinc oxide or silicone-based and safer for very sensitive skin or patients who complain about itching after sunscreen applications.

5.       OTC vs medicated: Choosing a sunscreen from a good brand is important as it contains ingredients that provide sun protection. OTC brands may provide incomplete sun protection, especially with patients.

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