How to detox your skincare after heavy-duty partying - Dr Lipy Gupta
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How to detox your skincare after heavy-duty partying

How to detox your skincare after heavy-duty partying

Bring it back to basics and nourish your skin after a month of partying, with Dr. Lipy Gupta’s guide to detoxing your beauty regime.

The parties are no doubt stressful for skin—a boozy, easy going, sleep-deprived occasion can easily lead to a lackluster, clogged complexion that may be more sensitive and prone to irritation, especially given the cold February weather. What it is advised is to declutter your routine. To restore your skin to its former glory, Dr. Lipy Gupta presents a post-party detox for your beauty regime. After all, this is the time for your skin breathe and embracing a natural, nourished look.

 Now, the question is raised how to do a skincare detox

  • Cleanse like a pro:

Take out the time to cleanse the skin daily, morning and night. The best kind of formulas are creams that you can warm up on your skin, before removing makeup, dirt, and pollutants using warm water.

  • Peel away those skin imperfections

A peel is a great way to remove all the impurities and rejuvenate lackluster skin, bringing back a healthy glow.

  • Detox with a mud-based mask

A deep cleanse twice a week will give your skin the clean sheet it needs for an effective detox. Try a mud-based mask to pull out any toxins and stimulate skin cells to speed up the regeneration, restoring a natural glow.

  • Hands-on nourishment

Now for the nourishment phase. Treat your skin to some TLC (Tender Loving Care), with a morning skin routine that allows time for the products to really get to work. Apply a hyaluronic-based serum after cleansing, then give the face a quick 5-min massage—this stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and activates layers of the dermis for a revitalized complexion.




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