How to manage the open pores? - Dr Lipy Gupta
Open pores are very usual and it can give a major skin care challenge. Know what the possible option of its treatment by Dr. Lipy Gupta
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How to manage the open pores?

How to manage the open pores?

Open pores are a common problem which occurs around the nose, cheeks and foreheads on the face. Through you cover it up to makeup temporarily. There are the other ways which can help you to reduce them permanently.

It’s essential to understand that open pores are a path for oil to reach the skin. The base of the pore has an oil gland which makes sebum to keep the skin moisture’s and protected. Whenever skin gets oily clean regularly with salicylic acid or glycolic acid face wash. Application of glycolic acid face wash. Application of retinol containing cream lead to gentle exfoliation and help reduce appearance of open pores.

Ablative and resurfacing laser stimulates collagen production and remodeling. So, a result the surface appears smoother and open pores looks better in appearance. A very diluted solution of botulinum toxin relaxes the muscle pulling the underlying open pores. After treatment the open pores are look significantly reduced due to relaxation of arrector pylori muscle. The result show in 3-7 days and stay till 6 months.

Overall open pores are a common issue which concerns many. The treatments to reduce open pores are simple and result are satisfactory.



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