How to uphold the results of your face-lift, so that they last longer? - Dr Lipy Gupta
Face-lift is the one of best treatment for the wrinkle and fine line. Dr Lipy Gupta is the expert in the anti-aging treatment.
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How to uphold the results of your face-lift, so that they last longer?

How to uphold the results of your face-lift, so that they last longer?

Once you’ve undergone Face-lift Treatment, the main concern after that is to maintain the results in such a way that it increases the life of your face-lift. Though bone structure, facial structure and skin tone play a key role when it comes to the face-lift, but apart from that there are various factors like diet, weight and skin health which also play a key role when it comes to the life span of the face-lift.

Dr Lipy Gupta is sharing some tips with you to help you enjoy the results of your face-lift for a longer time:

Stay Healthy

 We all know leading a healthy lifestyle is crucial for overall well-being. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help to increase the durability of your face-lift. Consuming a diet which is rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, healthy fats and low in sugar, will help to persist the results. Exercising regularly will also help to remain healthy and would have a positive impact.

Maintain your weight

Having a steady weight can contribute to the endurance of your results. Constant fluxes in weight can make the skin loose, along with that moderate the effects of the face-lift. If you have been planning to lose some weight, then you should wait on the procedure until you reach your target weight.

Skin Texture

 There is a disbelief that the texture and quality of the skin are not under our control. What we don’t realize is that various factors like exposure to the sun, poor nutrition and laziness, have a deep impact on the condition of the skin. Staying hydrated is crucial for the quality of the skin. Skin which is healthy and hydrated will experience long-term benefits of the surgical results than the individuals who have sun-damaged skin.

Things to remember

Before undergoing a face-lift, it is advisable to improve the quality of the skin. To do so you should start to lead a healthy lifestyle. Never take too lightly the impact leading a healthy lifestyle can have on the quality of your skin. Always wear sunscreen when you step out.



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