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Dr. Lipy Gupta, a dermatologist in Delhi is an expert in treating the dark lip. Meet and consult for the lip lightening treatment. Clinic at Green Park.
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Lip Lightening

Lip Lightening

Lips are notable aesthetic part of the human face. Besides having a role in the articulation of speech and sound. They are a visible expression of fertility and are used as a tactile sense organ in kissing and other act of intimacy. A whole range of cosmetic products is focused on making it more attractive.

However, sometimes discoloration of lips can become a cosmetic issue and dark brown patches on the lips may make them unappealing. The reason for discoloration is due to smoking, dryness, genetics, vertigo, and some vitamins deficiency.

Repetitive or regular lip liking, biting of lips leading to degradation of skin cells, dryness of lips leading to chopping or dullness, UV exposure, excessive smoking or alcohol intake, pollution and dust discoloration may be a side effect of medications or chemicals.

Just like your teeth, even your lips form a major part of a healthy and bright smile. If you are suffering from lip pigmentation or black color problem there are various treatments available which can help you lighten your lips.

We use a laser to lighten the lips color. The laser energy in selecting absorbed by the melanin, which absorbs the laser energy and destroyed. This causes photothermal ablation of melanocytes, which lead to the description, and selectively removed of melanocytes by body immune system.

It generally takes 1-3 month to lighten or remove lip pigmentation. The Q Switched Nadyag laser, which is used to performed every 10-14 days. Usually, 6-8 sessions are performed. There are mild redness and swelling which settles in 2-3 days.

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