Semi-Permanent Makeup: A treatment option for thin eyebrows - Dr Lipy Gupta
Dr. Lipy Gupta is a dermatologist in Green Park. She has rich experience in semi-permanent makeup. Book an appointment
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Semi-Permanent Makeup: A treatment option for thin eyebrows

Semi-Permanent Makeup: A treatment option for thin eyebrows

Eyebrows are an integral part of a beautiful face. Not only do they add more definition to the face, they are also a sign of youth. However, with time we do notice thinning of eyebrows as we age. Some medical conditions like Hypothyroidism are also associated with thinning of eyebrows.

Tattooing or coloring eyebrows is a common practice to restore the definition of the brows. However, tattoo gets blur over time turning to a more greenish way which looks cosmetically unpleasant. Repeated brow shading is often ted and has the nuisance of being redone every time.

Eyebrow micro-blading with organic ink is a solution that it neither discolors nor needs to be repeated again and again. Done using high quality into which matches and blends perfectly with the surroundings hair looks natural. Stays for 2-3 years which can be repeated after 3 years once the color fades. It is safe with no downtime.

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