Skin Care During Holi - Dr Lipy Gupta
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Skin Care During Holi

Skin Care During Holi

Holi is just around the corner and while we all have fun celebrating it, it can take a troll to your skin. The chemical we use in colors can be damaging to skin. Even if you use organic colors or use all herbal products it is important to protect the skin due to prolonged exposure to sun while playing and so the colors get off easily. The water splashes and prolonged sun exposure can also leave your skin dull and damaged.

Apply oil or 24 hours moisturizing lotion can form a barrier layer on skin and prepare it for the damage. Both coconut and olive work well on skin. Massage it well so that it protects to skin and the colors can come off easily.

Another important advice to cover the skin with appropriate cotton clothes so that skin is protected well while playing. Synthetic and tight clothing is combination with colors can be harmful to skin and may cause allergies and skin rashes.

We can protect the nails by applying a fresh coat of nail paint before playing colors and trim them short so that the colors don’t keep and settle, and it can be dangerous if you take them while eating.

Hydrate yourself well with water, juices and clean fluids. Dehydrated skin can become dry and get damaged easily, especially if you are planning to drink alcohol, hydrating well become extremely important.

Don’t ignore coating your ears, lips and eyes with Vaseline so that colors font keeps settle at these places.

If you are having any underlying skin rashes, acne or nay other skin problems either avoid playing or consult your dermatologist for customized solutions.

Apply oil for your hair as well and try to tie by the hair to minimize contact with colors.

After playing holi wash face with cold water and gentle face wash. Smoother your skin with applying more oil or moisturize and massage the dryness leave it for some time before you wash again.

A light and gentle face mask may help calm down the skin. Avoid using too much makeup on the same day. You can go back to your make up routine after the color washes off your skin. Be regular in sunscreen application for next few days to avoid damaging skin. Apply ice to soothing skin and avoid skin procedures for next few days. If you notice any prolonged redness or rash on the skin consult your dermatologist for specific advice.

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