Skin Care While Swimming - Dr Lipy Gupta
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Skin Care While Swimming

Skin Care While Swimming

Swimming is the undoubtedly the best recreation activity in both adults and children look forward during summer. But we all get worried to see our skin in minor often swimming. We all have apprehension as to how chlorine treated pool water will affect our skin.

Chlorine is disinfectant which is needed in combination with other disinfectant to kill bacteria and germs in swimming pool. Since it’s an oxidizing agent it can generates free radicals which damage cells, protein and DNA, which may lead to inflammation and reduce ageing. It reduces the natural moisturizing factors & essential oil in the skin and may induce dryness and wrinkling. The hair may become discolored, brittle, frisky, the cuticles may get damaged. The skin appears dry, damaged and tanned. Best way to protect your skin & hair during this time is to:

  1. Swim in a well-ventilated pool with the pool following proper cleaning guideline at regular intervals. Outdoor pool is certainly better.
  2. Taking shower before swim hydrates your skin before you suddenly take a dip in chlorine water.
  3. Apply a layer of coconut oil or conditioner to the hair will protect, cuticular damage and help nourish the follicles. Wear cap to keep the hair properly to limit exposure.
  4. Apply a good, effective, medicated sunscreen (water resistance kind) to protect skin from sun damage while swimming. An SPF of 60 is preferred and should be applied 15-20 minutes prior to swimming so that it can from a skin barrier.
  5. After swimming rinse hair with gentle sulphate free shampoo. Take bath and a apply a gentle body wash.
  6. Apply hair conditioner and an intense body moisturizer after swimming to keep hair well hydrated.
  7. Hydrate well with lot of clear fluids all these measures will surely help to reduce skin & hair damage while you take a dip to beat the heat.
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