Get flawless summer skin with these easy skin care routines - Dr Lipy Gupta
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Get flawless summer skin with these easy skin care routines

Get flawless summer skin with these easy skin care routines

Sure, summer is the season to rest, relax, and simply enjoy being outside and not freezing, however it isn’t time to slack on your skin care routine. Ultra violet rays are harmful all year long, however are mainly damaging in the summer month when our exposure levels are higher due to expending free days at the beach or in the park. That is why it is important to focus on sun and warmth protection, additionally to maintaining your regular skincare routine. It is not easy to understand where to start when change over your product for a new season, therefore we are telling you how to take care of skin in summer.

Don’t forget your lips

Yes, your lips need sunscreen, too. Since the sun are often very drying, keep them soft and smooth by using a rich lip balm with SPF 15 or more. Do not forget to reapply the lip balm when you’re outside.

Protect Your Scalp

Long hair will does give some shade from the sun, still the sensitive skin on your hairline will still get burned. Use a sunscreen spray on your part. It’s tougher for creams to be absorbed there, and you can still burn.

Take a Cool Shower

Hot showers after sun exposure further dry skin. Flip down the temperature and you’ll obtain a few of additional benefits. A cool shower after excess sweating helps to keep skin clear, decrease acne breakouts.

Slough Away Dry Skin

One of the foremost effective ways to exfoliate throughout the summer is to use a scrub on dry skin before you shower. Pay special attention to knees and elbows. End with a rich body cream or oil within 3 minutes of towelling off.

Fight Acne breakouts All Over

Body acne will happen any time of the year, but it’s more common during sweatier months. It is recommended to wash in the morning with an acne-fighting body wash.

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