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Here is the complete information about the winter skin care by Dr. Lipy Gupta, Skincare specialist in Delhi. Book the appointment for a consult.
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To appreciate the beauty of winter, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” True! Winter has its own charm. But have you ever realized the disaster it could do on your skin? The cold air steals the natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and itchy. That’s why you need to take care of it.

Follow these essential winter skin care tips to keep your skin super happy during winter.

Choose Skin Care Products Wisely

You need to change your skin care products accordingly as what kept your skin happy during summers can make it sad during winters. The key to healthy and glowing winter skin is using gentle skin care products.

Use Lukewarm Water

It is very tempting to go for hot showers when the temperature is falling. However, if you love your skin, avoid them. In its place, use lukewarm water to shower and wash your face. Hot showers dry your skin quickly, and if you do not moisturize it immediately, your skin can increase cracks.

Limit Caffeine and Alcohol

Avoid the temptation of overconsuming caffeine and alcoholic beverages during winter because they dehydrate your skin and make it dry and flaky.

Protect Your Skin

You need to protect your skin from the cold wind or snow or rain if you are stepping out in winter. The warm sun rays feel pleasurable, but the Ultraviolet rays can damage your skin. Also, avoid going outside immediately after you have washed your hands or after a shower.

Stay Hydrated 

Be inside your home or outside, the air is drier in winter and water evaporates from your body easily. Hence, you need to keep your skin hydrated. An easy way to keep it hydrated is by drinking lots of water.

Avoid Wearing Wet Clothes For Too Long

This will irritate your skin further and cause itchiness. Walking and playing in the winter is fine, but make sure you remove the wet socks, pants, and gloves as soon as possible.

Follow a Daily Skin Care Routine

During winters, the oil and sweat glands in your body and the blood vessels contract a bit. This makes it hard for your skin to keep itself healthy and glowing naturally, and that’s why it needs your help. These tips are not difficult to follow, and you can easily include them in your daily routine.

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