Want better skin? Here's exactly what to eat—and what to avoid - Dr Lipy Gupta
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Want better skin? Here’s exactly what to eat—and what to avoid

Want better skin? Here’s exactly what to eat—and what to avoid

Food plays an essential role in helping our body to function optimally, assisting the systems and organs of the body in fighting off disease and maintaining good health. The skin is the largest organ of our body so it stands to reason that if we maintain a healthy stomach, our skin will reap the benefits.

Know how important is diet and how does it relate to the condition of our skin?

Diet is very important in a many ways. Food contains nutrients and we need to kill bad bacteria. Healthy food which is high in fat and unhealthy oils can cause inflammation in your skin, which can lead to clogged pores. Those diets which contains antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats support healthy skin cell.

Certain foods that we should eat every day for better skin-

There is a real connection between your healthy stomach and skin benefits. The concept is that if we have an unhealthy, unbalanced stomach, toxins can be released into the bloodstream and cause inflammation throughout the body.

Healthy fats and antibacterial composition of coconut keep acne away and also keep your skin hydrated.

Avocado has fats, proteins, and vitamins. The protein helps with collagen and elastin in your skin whereas the fat keeps your skin hydrated. Veggies are enriched with iron, omega-4 fatty acids, and vitamins which support your immune system. Nuts are power foods that contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Due to the high nutritional value of nuts you can hydrate your skin, help regenerate cells, and protect against free radicals. Water-rich fruits are a great way to hydrate and protect your skin. There are many fruits which contain high levels of vitamins A, C and powerful antioxidants that refill nutrients in skin, promote collagen production, and help keep your skin supple and firm.

Things we should not be eating and drinking?

Food and diet which is having high level of salt and intake of alcohol leads to water loss and swelling in the face. High intake of alcohol can cause a poor water balance in the body and dehydration in the body results in puffy eyes and under-eye circles.

Know what can we do to heal the inflammation in the body naturally through diet?

Eat fermented foods and avoid dairy, strong acidic fruits and junk foods.

How does exercise play into skin health?

Diet matter in regard to skin issues. Just like we exercise our body, we need to do the exercise for our skin also. Blood circulates to the top layers of the skin and gives you an immediate glow. It is never too early to think about skin health and don’t wear sunscreen!

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