Excessive sweating you may be suffering from Hyperhidrosis. - Dr Lipy Gupta
If you are suffering from excessive sweating you may be suffering from hyperhidrosis. Dr. Lipy Gupta is an expert in Hyperhidrosis. Book a consultation.
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Excessive sweating you may be suffering from Hyperhidrosis.

Excessive sweating you may be suffering from Hyperhidrosis.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Many people live daily with the symptom of excessive sweating which badly affects the person’s daily life. Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating that is usually unrelated to heat or exercise. Although sweating is a normal bodily function, excessive sweating is the production of sweat in amounts exceeding the body’s requirement for normal thermoregulation processes. Almost 5% of the world’s population has hyperhidrosis. It usually occurs in hands, armpits or feet.


Sweating is awkward and embarrassing, stains clothes, and may interrupt social interactions. Excessive sweat can have serious concerns, like shake hands, difficult to hold tools or grip a steering wheel. A person with hyperhidrosis experience noticeable symptoms that may have an impact on their social life, a whitish discoloration of the skin, skin peeling, and skin infections. The sweating that occurs with primary hyperhidrosis typically occurs while the individual is awake. The sweating that takes place in secondary hyperhidrosis presents over the entire body while the individual is sleeping.

Reason for Hyperhidrosis:

  • Pregnancy or the menopause
  • Anxiety
  • Certain medications
  • Low blood sugar
  • An overactive thyroid
  • Infections

Treatment options for hyperhidrosis

It can be challenging to treat and it may take time to find a treatment right for you. Change in lifestyle may also help, including:

  • wearing loose & light clothes
  • avoiding alcohol and spicy foods

If this doesn’t help, you may be advised to try Hyperhidrosis treatments. Hyperhidrosis is usually a long-term severe issue, but some people experience an improvement with time and the treatments available can often keep the problem under control.


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